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Irishman bleeds to death after falling through glass door

An Irishman bled to death after falling head-first through a glass door, despite his friends' desperate efforts to save him.

Michael Rice (34), from Ballindangan, Mitchelstown, Co Cork, cut his arm in the horror accident during the early hours of Monday morning.

It is understood the victim was out socialising with friends on the night.

He returned to a friend's house shortly after 5am in the Church View estate, just metres away from his own home.

Mr Rice is understood to have tripped and fallen through a glass porch door shortly after arriving at the house.

Witnesses say he fell "head first" through the glass, cutting a major artery "just below his arm". His friends then desperately tried to stop the blood from flowing. But despite their efforts, Mr Rice died.

Last night, his brother Con Rice took to Facebook to describe the "nightmare" facing his family.

"I just want to wake up and for it all to be a nightmare," he said.

"It was terrible," said a friend who did not want to be named. "We just couldn't stop the bleeding. He just slipped away on us."

Local councillor Noel McCarthy said the accident had "shaken the entire community of Mitchelstown".

"The ambulance came very quickly but there was nothing they could do to save poor Michael," he said. "It has left us all shocked.

"Michael's family are well known and are well respected. It has shaken us all."

Mr Rice had over 35 convictions for criminal damage.

"Despite his previous troubles, he was a nice man, always happy, always polite, always smiling," said Mr McCarthy. "He will be sadly missed."

Adam Cullen, Irish Independent

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