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Irishwoman's joy as partner gives birth to quintuplets

An Irishwoman's partner has given birth to quintuplets in Australia.

Waterford-born Rosemary Nolan (22) has said that she is "over the moon" after her girlfriend gave birth to two boys and three girls.

Rosemary and new mum Melissa Keevers (27) beat odds of more than 60 million-to-one when they conceived the quins without IVF.

Now the lesbian couple have introduced their five tiny babies to the world.

They already have an 18-month-old toddler together.

The remarkable births, which went without a hitch, were shown on Australian television last night.

"We got very teary when they were born," Rosemary told Australian magazine 'Woman's Day' in an interview published yesterday.

"We couldn't hold them as they were so small . . . We wanted to cuddle them but we knew the biggest thing was to make sure they were all right.''

And the good news is that mother and babies are all doing well, although it will be some weeks before the newborns will be allowed home.

Australian Melissa, who was inseminated with the sperm of a donor from the US, told the magazine: "After just having five babies it's hard to only be able to visit them and touch them through a hole in the crib.''

The babies -- named Noah, Charlie, Eireann, Evie and Abby -- were born in Brisbane prematurely at 26 weeks on January 2, weighing between 830 grams and 905 grams.

A team of 25 hospital staff delivered them by an emergency caesarean.

The average weight of a normal full-term baby is between 3 and 3.5 kilos.

Noah, the first-born and biggest, is out of his incubator and Melissa is breastfeeding him without any problems.

The couple have an older daughter, Lily, conceived using the same sperm donor.

The quins' biological father is a 27-year-old law student who the couple found through an internet fertility company in the US.

Rosemary arrived Down Under in 2008 and was backpacking around Australia when she answered an ad for the sale of a motorbike.

She met Ms Keevers and stayed with her in Brisbane. The couple quickly fell in love and decided to have a family.

Rosemary, now the breadwinner earning a small wage at a call centre, said the financial future will be a challenge.

The couple have estimated that they will need 70 nappies each day. They have set up a website twoladiessixbabies.com for people who want to contribute.

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