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It's the pits... massive sinkhole appears from nowhere on housing estate

By Kevin Doyle

A huge sinkhole has appeared without warning on a housing estate in Co Kerry.

It is unclear who is going to deal with making the hole safe after it developed overnight on Saturday.

The area around the gaping hole on the Cahereen Heights estate in Castleisland was secured by Kerry County Council staff yesterday.

The estate, which has more than 90 houses and a creche, was built by a private developer.

Councillor Bobby O'Connell said residents were very concerned.

He is calling on Liberty Insurance to release a €2.5m (£2.1m) bond to cover the costs of fixing the hole. Residents were shocked to wake up to find the massive hole measuring around 18ft by 10ft and around 20ft deep.

Tanks to collect surplus water had been buried underneath the ground when the estate was built and concrete poured on top before the green was landscaped.

It is thought the concrete on at least one of the underground tanks has given way, causing the pit to appear.

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