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Jedward in dramatic rescue involving helicopter: John and Edward Grimes trapped by rising tide

By Conor Feehan

Jedward twins John and Edward Grimes had to be rescued from a sandbank in Dublin’s Malahide after becoming trapped by a rising tide while out for a walk with their cousin.

The pop duo rang their mother Suzanna as the light faded at around 10.45pm on Tuesday night, saying they could no longer see a way off the sand as the tide came in around them.

She then rang the coastguard terrified for the safety of her sons and their cousin.

The coastguard launched it’s helicopter and a crew on board spotted the three stranded walkers a short time later at the north edge of the Malahide estuary.

A rescue crew from Skerries Coast Guard was then sent to the area to guide the trio to safety.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper John Grimes said: “What we want to get across is how quickly this all happened. This got out of hand before we even realised.”

“We would urge young people to be very careful around water and the sea. This could have been a tragedy but for the good work of the Coast Guard,” he added.

The twins and their cousin had started their walk at Donabate in full daylight, but by the time they got to the Malahide estuary darkness had fallen.

The boys’ mother Suzanna said: “It was terrifying for the boys. They ended up on shifting sands completely surrounded by water.”

“The Coast Guard got them out at around 1am. I was beside myself, and John and Edward were very badly shaken,” she added.

A spokesperson for the Coast Guard told that the crews did not know at the time of the rescue that it was the Jedward twins and a relative they were looking for.

“That only became apparent after the whole thing was over,” said the spokesman.

“The three had to keep moving on the sands as the light was fading  and the sea was coming in around them, and the helicopter spotted them fairly quickly and was able to guide the recue crew to them,” he added.

Jedward have represented Ireland twice in the Eurovision, with the song Lipstick in 2011 and waterline in 2012.

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