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Jedward sell tickets for show in 11 months' time

Jedward revealed yesterday that they will star in another pantomime at the Olympia in Dublin -- next Christmas.

The 'X Factor' sensations are understood to have sold a staggering 42,000 tickets this season for the 'Cinderella' show where they played the fairy godbrothers.

They pocketed more than €100,000 for their role and the show has generated more than €1m in ticket sales.

And following the mantra of 'striking while the iron's hot', all concerned have already signed up for 'Jedward and the Beanstalk' in 11 months' time.

But devoted fans of the 19-year-olds knew all this, and some dates for next year's show have already sold out because tickets went on sale last week.

The pair's latest contract is understood to be even more lucrative than the last, but manager Louis Walsh was giving little away last night.

"A lot," he said when asked how much Jedward would earn for their second Olympia pantomime

Jedward met another pair of famous brothers over the weekend, when formerly conjoined twins Hassan and Hussein Benhaffaf came to the show.

The two 'Little Fighters' made their very own presentation to the older brothers -- two matching T-shirts featuring pictures of the toddlers sporting Jedward-style hairdos with 'The Little Jed's' printed underneath.

"The boys were absolutely ecstatic to meet Jedward," said mum Angie.

Speaking later, she revealed how difficult it was to have to cover up her boys with a blanket after they returned to Cork University Maternity Hospital (CUMH) following their birth in London in December 2009.

"This time last year we were hiding in CUMH in a tiny cubicle unknown to the world. We wanted everything for the boys from day one to be very dignified and very beautiful," she said.

"So we hid for six weeks. When we used to spend time as a family, all six of us, in one of the bedrooms at CUMH, we used to have to put a blanket over the boys' heads and sneak down the corridors," she said.

Both twins, who have just one leg each, made a remarkable recovery from their mammoth 14-hour separation surgery at Great Ormond Street Hospital in April of last year.

They are expected to have prosthetics fitted later this year, and it is their parents' dream that they will one day walk.

However, Angie said their care has made it impossible for their father Azzedine to return to work.

The couple revealed they had been advised by Enable Ireland that the demands of looking after the 13-month-olds would be far too great for the next five years for him to contemplate returning to work.

"Our wish would have been for Azzedine to return to work, but the twins need 24/7 care and it just the two of us on a day-to-day basis doing that," she said on RTE's 'Saturday Night Show'.

"We have wonderful support with Enable Ireland in Cork and we have to continue doing physiotherapy and occupational therapy for three hourly sessions up to three times a week . . . It's kind of non-stop," she added.

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