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Jobs boost as Airbnb expands

Home-sharing website Airbnb is creating 100 new jobs with the expansion of its European headquarters in Dublin.

The company is doubling its workforce in Ireland just seven months after announcing it was setting up in the country, alongside other US technology companies Google, Twitter and Facebook.

Jobs Minister Richard Bruton said the Government was pushing a strategy to encourage more "born-on-the-internet" companies to locate operations in Ireland.

Founded in California in 2008, Airbnb allows homeowners to rent out rooms to guests for short-term stays.

Unusually, the Irish investment agency IDA included remarks from Bono - who met with Airbnb at Davos - in a press release welcoming the expansion.

"We of course measure the recovery by jobs, that's all that matters - that our best and brightest do not have to leave to get work," the rock star said.

"So Airbnb's arrival in Dublin Docks is very good news."

Ireland's low corporation tax has come under intense scrutiny in recent years with the location of several tech giants in the country.


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