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Karen Buckley murder: My apology will never be enough, says mother of killer Alexander Pacteau

The mother of twisted killer Alexander Pacteau has said an apology to the Buckley family for the actions of her son would "simply not be enough".

Speaking to the Irish Independent Noreen Dow, formerly Pacteau, said that to describe Karen's murder as traumatic would be a "massive understatement" for all involved.

"It has just been completely and utterly devastating," she said, "we still haven't really come to terms with it.

"To describe it as traumatic is a massive understatement for us and Karen's family."

Ms Dow said she would be issuing a statement on behalf of the Pacteau family in coming days.

She said that people had a right to hear from her family following her son's actions.

When asked if she would be issuing an apology on behalf of the 21-year-old company director, she said it would not be good enough.

"I don't think an apology will suffice," she said, "If that was my daughter, it simply wouldn't suffice.

"We are heartbroken for Karen's family; we are still absolutely distraught and dismayed by the whole thing."

Last week Pacteau pleaded guilty to Karen's murder on April 12.

The vicious killer is now in protective custody in one of Scotland's toughest prisons, HM Barlinnie Prison, after the shocking revelations of how he bludgeoned Karen to death and then attempted to dissolve her body in a barrel of caustic soda.

He faces a life sentence after he pleaded guilty to the murder of the Cork nurse at Kelvin Way in Glasgow just minutes after Karen had left 'The Sanctuary' nightclub alone.

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How detectives caught Karen Buckley's killer Alexander Pacteau with incredible speed 

The twisted killer lured innocent Karen into his grey Ford Focus car with the offer of a lift home before first trying to strangle her and then beating her to death with a heavy 30cm spanner.

For a time he drove around Glasgow with Karen's dead body in the passenger seat of his car before trying to dissolve her remains in caustic soda in the bathtub of his flat and later in a plastic barrel.

He then hid the barrel in a storage shed on an isolated Glasgow hill farm. He is due to be sentenced on September 8.

Police in his hometown of Glasgow are currently investigating if he has assaulted other woman in the past.

Pacteau has so far refused to tell murder squad detectives how he managed to lure student Karen into his car.

Her father John spoke of the torment his family was put through after the death of their daughter.

"Our hearts are broken at the thought of Karen's final moments on this world. The thought of her being alone, frightened and struggling for her life haunts us," said Mr Buckley.

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