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Keane Mulready-Woods murder: Manhunt for suspect in gruesome teen killing probe


Murdered: Keane Mulready-Woods

Murdered: Keane Mulready-Woods

Murdered: Keane Mulready-Woods

A manhunt is under way for a major Co Louth feud criminal, who is also a main suspect in the gruesome murder of Keane Mulready-Woods (17), after a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Specialist gardai closely watched Dublin Airport and Dublin Port yesterday amid fears the 24-year-old criminal - a leading member on one side of the bloody feud - was planning to flee to England.

In a special bulletin officers have been warned that the thug is "dangerous" and armed gardai are required to deal with him.

The arrest warrant - issued on Thursday of last week - is not linked to last week's savage abduction, murder and dismemberment of the Drogheda teenager. The warrant alleged that the mobster has breached strict Dublin High Court bail conditions on multiple occasions since December.

He is facing serious charges in relation to an incident which happened in Drogheda last year and has previously been cleared in various courts of a number of other serious charges against him.

The warrant states that the murder suspect has failed to sign on at a Garda station on a number of occasions in December and this month.

It is also alleged that he has not been constantly staying at an address in Drogheda which he is obliged to do as part of his bail conditions.

"Gardai hope to execute the arrest warrant with the intention of bringing the suspect off the streets and into prison," a source said. "If this happens it will ease tensions in the Co Louth town - there is a very tense, strange atmosphere in Drogheda at the moment."

Sources say the 24-year-old criminal has been "driving a lot of the hatred" in the feud.

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