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Kenny branded 'a political thug'

The Taoiseach has been branded a "political thug" over his handling of the scandal surrounding the Anglo Irish Bank tapes.

Enda Kenny was accused of trying to smear politicians with his claims that there had been an "axis of collusion" between the former government and bankers in the run-up to the banking collapse.

Fianna Fail justice spokesman Niall Collins launched a blistering attack on Mr Kenny, saying he had shown no respect for politics.

"The Taoiseach should not be alleging what he is," Mr Collins said.

"He came in here and he tried to smear politicians in a sleeveen sort of way."

The opposition TD accused the Taoiseach of trying to "besmirch" the body politic.

"He has no respect for politics," Mr Collins added.

"He is acting like a political thug, a political boot boy in a party political fashion."

Mr Kenny has repeatedly claimed there is no paper trail from communications between the former Fianna Fail-led government and Anglo bankers from around the time the bank guarantee was agreed.

He has called for some current members of the Fianna Fail party and former politicians who served in the last government to appear before a parliamentary inquiry into the banking collapse to give their account of what went on.


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