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Kenny confident on party leadership

The Taoiseach has rejected any suggestion that his leadership of Fine Gael is under threat ahead of the next general election.

But Enda Kenny said the Government had a "challenge" to explain to the public the rationale behind the decisions the Fine Gael and Labour coalition were taking.

He said his hope was to form another administration with the Labour party after the election in 2016.

After attending the North South Ministerial Council (NSMC) in Armagh, Mr Kenny was asked if he was worried by negative opinion polls and rumours that his leadership could be challenged.

"I am absolutely happy that not only will I lead the Fine Gael party at the next election, I will lead it through successfully to form a government with the Labour party," he said.

Mr Kenny said it was up to the Government to explain the "why" of decision making.

"So people can see the rising benefits that are coming now having emerged from a deep recession," he added.

Tanaiste and Labour leader Joan Burton, who also attended the NSMC summit, said she would be confident of her party's future as the political debate "turns to what is the future for Ireland".

She claimed the opposition in Dail was not keen to focus on the economy or employment in debates.

"That is because it is essentially conceding we have in fact laid the grounds for a sustainable recovery," she said.


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