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Kenny confident over bank deal

Enda Kenny has said he is confident the Government will get a deal on Anglo Irish Bank debt by March.

He said negotiations on the promissory note with the European Central Bank were complex and detailed.

A three billion euro repayment is due by the spring.

"I am confident we will see a deal before the end of March, which is when the next repayment is due," he told RTE's This Week. "I don't contemplate defeat here."

Around 31 billion euro in promissory notes from the European Central Bank was used to recapitalise the former Anglo Irish Bank, now called the Irish Bank Resolution Corporation.

The Taoiseach was also asked about the ongoing disturbances over the Union flag, which he said were destroying the economy of Northern Ireland and the reputation of Belfast.

He said the violence must not be allowed destroy the good work done since the implementation of the Good Friday Agreement.

Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams accused Mr Kenny of patronising citizens over the promissory note.

"In reality it couldn't be more straightforward - this government needs to stand up for Irish citizens and stop using public money to prop up banks and bankers.

"It needs to put the interests of Ireland first in any negotiations at European level."


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