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Kerry pub man Brian O'Sullivan who sang Killers hit in tribute to pal calls on public to carry donor cards

By Staff Reporter

A man who became an overnight internet sensation after singing a Killers hit in tribute to a tragic friend has used his 15 minutes of fame to call on people to carry donor cards.

Brian O'Sullivan belted out Mr Brightside from the bar in Falvey's pub in Killorglin on the evening of his pal Ger 'Farmer' Foley's funeral in Co Kerry.

The rousing tribute quickly went viral and even prompted a response from the Las Vegas-based hit-makers themselves. "Brian O'Sullivan, if Brandon (Flowers) ever needs a fill-in, we're calling you! May we all have friends like this," read the post from the band's Facebook page.

While Brian welcomed the fun surrounding the video, he prompted the public to remember that Ger's friends and family in Killorglin were grieving.

The popular man passed away aged just 45 from cystic fibrosis on March 21.

He is survived by his loving wife Grainne and children Isobel and Peter.

Brian told Ireland's Today FM: "When I stood up on that bar I wasn't standing up for people in America or Australia or in the world, I was standing up for Farmer. That was my tribute to him.

"Going global is fantastic, but it's about Ger and cystic fibrosis, and not Brian O'Sullivan."

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