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Key budget proposals at-a-glance

The Budget 2011 contains a number of reforms which are likely to affect people at all levels of society.

Among the key proposals unveiled by Finance Minister Brian Lenihan are:

:: Social welfare payments are to be cut by 4%.

:: A cut of 10 euro a month in child benefit for the first and second child and an additional cut of 10 euro for a third child.

:: An increase in the excise duty on petrol by 4 cent and diesel by 2 cent by midnight, though alcohol and cigarettes are untouched until next year.

:: A 4% cut in all public sector pensions above 12,000 euro a year.

:: A 10% lower starting rate for new employees in the public sector, including judges.

:: Reform of state cars with former Taoisigh and Presidents given a pooled system with the number of garda drivers cut.

:: Immediate reform of stamp duty.

:: The Gulf Stream Government jet, which is at the end of its life span, will not be replaced.


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