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Killers did 'bad stuff' to victim

DNA will have to be used to identify the badly decomposed remains of a man who was violently murdered and dumped in a ditch.

The victim, believed to be missing man Adil Essalhi, was stabbed, beaten, disfigured and burnt a week before his body was found.

The discovery was made by gardai on Thursday afternoon during a planned search of fields in Tyrellstown, west Dublin, after a tip-off.

Detectives believe the man, who was in his late 20s, was not the victim of a gangland feud but was violently killed last Thursday by "low-life" criminals known to him after drinking together.

It is understood his face was smashed in with a brick so he would not be identified.

One senior officer said the killers did "bad stuff".

"They stabbed him a few times and tried to disfigure him and destroy him before he could be identified," he said. "They burnt him, beat him, disfigured him. It was an evil, violent attack. We'll need DNA to identify him."

The investigator said the prime suspects are not major gangland figures but convicted burglars.

"We have an idea who did this. These are low-life criminals in west Dublin," he added.

The victim is believed to have been killed last Thursday in the Tyrellstown area and his body left partially submerged in water until it was found in a field close to Belgree Avenue.


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