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Killing suspect ‘covered in blood’

The chief suspect being questioned for the murder of a mother, her two children and another woman returned home covered in blood after the killings to clean himself up before he fled the area.

As investigations continue in Limerick, up to 500 people gathered at a service in Newcastle West last night and prayed for the seven people who died tragically this week and also for the man under arrest for four Limerick murders.

The scene at 18 Hazlegrove where Sarah Hines (25), her baby Amy (five months), infant son Reece (three) and close friend Alicia Brough (20) were stabbed to death on Monday remained sealed off yesterday.

On Tuesday a Co Cork father died in a car crash and his two daughters were also found dead in their home.

It is understood that the 31-year-old Cork man who is being questioned for the murder of the two women and two children fled from the scene to his home in the nearby Meadowcourt estate to clean himself of his victims' blood.

The distance between the horrific murder scene and the man's accommodation is less than a mile. He was spotted walking back to the house — where he rented a room earlier this month — by a number of residents. Seeing his bloodstained clothes, neighbours asked did he need medical assistance, but he declined and said he was fine.

He washed up inside his home and fled for West Clare.

Speaking last night, Sarah Hines' step-father Peter Rolfe said her funeral and that of her two children will not take place until next week.

At his home in Feoghnagh, Co Limerick, with Sarah's eldest brother Chris by his side, Mr Rolfe spoke of the harrowing experiences of having to identify the bodies of Sarah, Reece and Amy.

“Seeing the bodies, it was unreal. Nobody needs that. It took so long or so it seemed at the time,” Mr Rolfe said.

The Hines family — who are originally from Essex — are waiting for relations from England to travel over for the three funerals.

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