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Labour to be largest party: Gilmore

Labour leader Eamon Gilmore has vowed to make his party the biggest in the country in the next general election.

The poll-topping politician revealed he plans to run more than 65 candidates, believing they will win a seat in every constituency in the country, and possibly more in several constituencies.

The popular party leader maintained Labour has the support to lead the next Government.

"I think that what people are looking for is very fundamental change," said Mr Gilmore.

"I think the poll is reflecting a desire by Irish people to change away from the traditional establishment politics of Fianna Fail and Fine Gael and to move to the election, for the first time in the history of this state, of a Government which will be led by the Labour Party."

A confident Mr Gilmore said a poll which showed support for Taoiseach Brian Cowen and his party has plummeted since last week's controversial radio interview reflected the mood of the Irish public.

He stressed every candidate he has will be standing to take a seat and not just fly the party flag.

"Winning the next election with a Labour-led Government is an achievable objective, it's what we've set out to do," added Mr Gilmore.

"I believe that it is a desire by people to get change in the country, and get change that's not just simply from Fianna Fail to Fine Gael and back again, that we've had since independence."


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