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Large section of Cliffs of Moher ledge collapses into sea

A large section of a ledge at the Cliffs of Moher that was the scene of a daredevil cycling stunt has crumbled into the sea.

This has sparked fresh warnings about the dangers of stepping outside secure areas at the world-famous attraction, which stretches to a height of 700ft above the Atlantic ocean.

Four years ago saw two mountain bikers Hans Rey and Steve Peat spark huge controversy after risking their live cycling at the edge of the 20-metre stretch of the stunning cliffs.

The path was no wide than a metre in some places, with their actions condemned as "idiotic" after the pictures were posted on a Facebook page.

A spokesperson for the tourist attraction said the crumbling of the rock shows just how dangerous the cliffs can be if people don't stay within the safety zones.

"We have all seen the photographs of people walking and cycling along that ledge and now it is gone," said Katherine Webster.

"It just highlights the fragility of the cliff edge and how large chunks of the cliff can fall away at any time.

"A large section of the ledge has now fallen into the sea in one of the many occurring rock falls which take place at the cliffs."

Source Evening Herald

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