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Learner drivers 'are irritating'

Three out of 10 motorists feel learner drivers are just about bearable so long as they do not get in their way, a survey has found.

Another four out of 10 said learners' tendency to get the basics of driving wrong, such as stalling at traffic lights and not indicating properly, irritates them most.

And nearly three-quarters revealed they found the behaviour of other motorists stressful and/or intimidating when they learned to drive, and one in 10 was shouted at or abused.

Paddy Murphy, of Semperit Tyres Ireland, which carried out the poll, said safety is of paramount importance.

"We would urge all experienced drivers to exercise that bit more caution when they encounter a learner on the road," he said.

"We were dismayed to find that nearly one in 10 drivers have driven recklessly to get past a learner.

"Our advice to drivers is to stay calm and be patient - most often, the time gained from overtaking and driving faster is really negligible."

Almost 300 people took part in the survey by Semperit Tyres Ireland as part of the company's road user courtesy campaign.

Almost half said they would overtake a learner driver at the first opportunity rather than be delayed, with 8% admitting to driving recklessly to get past a car with L-plates.

It also found the vast majority of drivers would like to see enforcement of the rule whereby learner drivers must be accompanied at all times by an experienced driver, with 84% stating it is obvious that this rule is regularly flouted on the roads.

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