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Left group warns of mass resistance

Left-leaning TDs have warned the Government to expect mass resistance to further austerity measures ahead of December's budget.

The United Left Alliance (ULA), made up of five TDs, said it will be mobilising a mass campaign of civil disobedience against the planned household charge, claiming the Government had declared war on homeowners.

As the Dail meets on Wednesday for the first time since the summer break, Dun Laoghaire TD Richard Boyd Barrett vowed the group would be an opposition of action and not just words.

"We believe the key priority is to build a mass movement of resistance and people power opposed to these unjust, economically stupid austerity measures that this Government is trying to ram down our throats," Mr Boyd-Barrett said.

"So we will be dedicating ourselves in the run-up to the budget to building mass protest and mass mobilisation against austerity policies."

Socialist TD Clare Daly said the group would strenuously resist the Government's planned 100 euro temporary household charge, and lead a campaign of civil disobedience.

"All of us as TDs pledge to be at the forefront of a non-payment campaign, a mass campaign of civil disobedience where we intend to make this charge uncollectible," she said.

Most homes are to face the flat-rate charge from January with the threat of a further 10 euro fine for every month the payment is late.

Ms Daly pledged the ULA TDs would stand behind any household which chooses not to pay the charge.

And Mr Higgins said the United Left Alliance will serve as a catalyst bringing together diverse campaigns and organisations opposed to the "failed austerity agenda".


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