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Less than a third of Catholics in the Republic of Ireland go to weekly Mass

Most of Catholics in the Republic of Ireland do not go to weekly Mass and crucial beliefs of the faith are not believed, a new poll has shown.

Less than a third (31%) attend Mass at least once a week, 39% said they very occasionally went, 20% attended every two to three months, while 8% went once a fortnight.

Those who attend Mass regularly are twice as likely to live in rural rather than urban areas.

When it comes to the church’s teachings, many Catholics do not subscribe to key tenets such as transubstantiation.

Almost two-thirds (62%) believe the blessing of bread and wine during Mass only represents the body and blood of Christ.

Most of the Catholics (59%) questioned in the survey for the Irish Times said they are aware of the Eucharistic Congress, due to take place this week, but a very small minority (4%) planned to attend.

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