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London - a pricey place for a break

London is one of the priciest cities in the world for short-break visitors, according to a 40-town TripAdvisor survey.

Only Cancun in Mexico, Zurich in Switzerland and New York City are more expensive than London for couples taking three-night city breaks this summer, the survey showed.

And only Zurich has pricier taxi rides than those in the UK capital.

The survey was based on costs for a couple on three-day breaks in the June-August 2015 period, including the price of a hotel room, tours and activities, taxi rides (two-mile round trips), lunch with soft drinks, and dinner with a bottle of wine.

The whole package came to more than £1,214 in London, which was topped in the most-expensive table only by Cancun (£1,304), Zurich (£1,258) and New York (£1,235).

A daily two-mile round trip in a taxi was £22.58 in London with only Zurich, at £29.85, pricier.

Much of the London cost was down to hotel room rates, with one night costing nearly £202.

In contrast , a one-night hotel stay in Hanoi in Vietnam - the least expensive city surveyed - was just £56.41, with the whole Hanoi three-day package coming to just £473.

The second-cheapest destination was Warsaw in Poland ( £478). Next was Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt (£531), followed by Bangkok (£532) and Mumbai in India (£547).


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