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Man finally cleared of killing 42 years ago

By Staff Reporter

A man falsely convicted of killing his 19-year-old neighbour 42 years ago said he has "gone through a very difficult life" after a court finally declared his conviction a miscarriage of justice.

Martin Conmey (63) said the conviction "affected my health, and it has been difficult to get through most days.

"I have had to watch my two friends, who were accused with me, suffer as well for something they were innocent of, one of whom lost his life," he said.

However, he said he was "delighted" at the decision by the Court of Criminal Appeal (CCA) in the Republic yesterday which finally cleared his name.

In 2010 Mr Conmey was acquitted of the manslaughter of Una Lynskey, 38 years after being jailed for three years for the offence. Yesterday, the court said "it seems obvious in the present case there has been a grave defect in the administration of justice brought about by the members of the State".

Mr Conmey, from Ratoath, Co Meath, embraced friends and family following the ruling. Outside court, he said he was delighted that his name had been cleared.

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