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Man fined £2k after Ebola 'joke' sparked plane lockdown

By Staff Reporter

An Italian company director has admitted causing an Ebola scare by playing a "sick joke" on board an Aer Lingus plane that triggered a major security alert at Dublin airport.

Roberto Binaschi (56) had scribbled "Attenzione Ebola" on a cup lid as a prank on his daughter on the flight from Milan.

The cup was spotted in the bin by cabin crew who reported it and triggered an emergency response, with 142 passengers held on board as the plane went on lockdown.

Binaschi was left without a criminal conviction for Thursday's false alarm when he admitted a charge at Dublin District Court yesterday and paid €2,500 (£1,960) to charity.

His wife (51) and daughter (23) had also been arrested but were released without charge.

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