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Man flees into Bohemian Football Club stadium in Dublin after being chased through streets by gunman

Armed gardai had to come to the rescue of a man who was chased by a gunman through the streets of Phibsboro in Dublin.

A quick-thinking motorist who spotted the terrified target fleeing his attacker called 999 and a team of armed and unarmed officers swarmed the area to search it.

The motorist reported that a man with a blue top was being chased by a man holding a handgun.

The quick-thinking potential victim ran down Dalymount Lane to hide in the grounds of the Bohemian Football Club while there was a party going on in the bar at around 11pm on Saturday night.

Members of the Garda Emergency Response Unit (ERU), as well as uniformed gardai carried out extensive searches until they found the scared man in his mid 40s hiding from his potential attacker in the car park

The gunman managed to escape the scene and the target has declined to make a statement to gardai.

The man who was being chased has an address in the south city but gardai don’t believe the incident has anything to do with the current Kinahan/Hutch feud that has led to a murderous campaign of violence on the capital’s streets.

Gardai are are keeping an open mind as to the motive for the potential attack, but say it is likely to be over a personal grudge or debt.

Armed garda patrols have been in operation on the streets of Dublin city on both sides of the Liffey since the shooting dead of David Byrne in the Regency Hotel in February.

It was because of this that gardai were able to respond so quickly and in such high numbers when the emergency call was received on Saturday night.

“Things are tense enough on the streets and there are still checkpoints in operation, so any report of a gunman is bound to provoke a major response,” one source said.

Since the brutal slaying of David Byrne in the Regency Hotel on February 5 there have been other murders in the city centre just a few kilometres from Phibsboro.

On February 8 Eddie Hutch snr was gunned down in his home on Poplar Row in revenge for Byrne’s death.

Then father-of-three Martin O’Rourke (24), an innocent man, was shot dead on Sherrif Street in broad daylight in a case of mistaken identity as part of the Kinahan and Hutch feud on April 14.

Less than two weeks later Michael Barr (34) was shot dead in the Sunset House pub in Ballybough as part of the feud.

People attending the party at the football grounds spotted the garda cars and the search for the gunman and his target, but the celebrations went on as normal after the gardai left.

The man who was found by gardai is not involved in the club or with anyone at the party that night, and gardai believe he was just using the Bohs premises to escape from his attacker.

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