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Man in serious condition after 'being pushed in front of bus' in Dublin

By Brian Byrne

A man was described as being “caked in blood” after another man allegedly pushed him in front of a Dublin Bus.

It’s understood the man was seriously injured and taken to hospital after the incident occurred at around 6.30pm on Aston Quay in Dublin city this evening.

One witness, Alex Mills, said two men had been having an altercation before the incident occurred.

The Forbidden Planet employee said he heard a “thump” and added that the bus ran over the man’s arm.

“I was bringing out some cardboard to recycle. I heard a thump and there was this guy on the ground, he was bleeding everywhere. The bus driver ordered everyone off the bus,” he said.

“I dropped the cardboard and went over to have a look, and even by that stage there was a lot of blood.

“The guy on the ground came around a bit, and he started shouting after the guy.

“He was also saying that his arm had been run over, but his face was kind of busted up as well. When the paramedics arrived, they took off his shirt, and his shoulders and down were just caked in blood.

The 23-year-old added: “There were people with him, and they said there was some sort of dispute, and one man pushed another man in front of the bus and scarpered off.”

Articles of clothing were used to cover up the man’s blood before gardai cordoned off the area and marked it as a crime scene.

The incident caused major traffic delays on the south quays as both lanes were closed for a short time; however, one has since re-opened.

Gardai confirmed they were investigating a serious injury road traffic collision on Aston Quay this evening.

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