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Man 'run over and received slash wounds' moments after shots fired at house

A man has been attacked and run over by a car in the early hours of Wednesday morning in Dublin after shots were fired at a house around 4 miles away.

Two crime scenes in west Dublin link the brutally violent incident which happened at around 4am this morning.

Detectives are now treating the incident as murder.

At the first scene, in the Liscarne area of Ronanstown, shots were reported to have been fired at a house before several people left it.

The area was sealed off this morning. Two spent shotgun cartridges could be seen on the pathway outside the Liscarne area.

Moments after the shooting, two cars collided in the Glebe housing estate in the Esker area of Lucan and it is understood one man, aged in his mid-thirties, then suffered slash wounds in an altercation. He was also run over by a car.

A large section of that estate was sealed off by gardai investigating the incident.


The car which was involved in an incident at The Glebe in Lucan. Picture Credit:Frank McGrath

The car which was involved in an incident at The Glebe in Lucan. Picture Credit:Frank McGrath

The car which was involved in an incident at The Glebe in Lucan. Picture Credit:Frank McGrath

Local sources say the victim of the attack was left lying on the road.

Emergency services attended the scene immediately and the victim was rushed to James Connolly Memorial Hospital  where he was pronounced dead.

He was understood to have been alive when emergency crews arrived but lost his fight for life.

A silver blue Mazda car, which was very badly damaged was left at the scene. A sign post was also ripped from the ground and there were tyre marks in the grass margin.

Sheets of black plastic, placed by gardai, covered other evidence on the roadway.

“I heard noises and when I looked out I could see a few of the neighbours gathered around a man lying in the road,” said one resident.

“Then the emergency services and the gardai all started to arrive. I don't know what’s going on,” he added.

At Liscarne Gardens neighbours reported hearing two shots at 3.40am.

“Then there were people leaving the house, and an ambulance came and took one man away,” said one local.

Senior gardai visited the scene at the Glebe and the garda cordon was widened to include the entrance to the estate.

The area was also patrolled by the garda armed response unit.

Dublin Fire Brigade also sent a fire engine and an ambulance to the scene.


Local councillors have expressed their shock at the night of violence.

Fine Gael councillor William Lavelle said he walked past the murder scene on his way to Lucan Village this morning.

"I was speaking to gardai and a lot of school parents walking their kids to school this morning," he told Independent.ie.

"People are just shocked that we’ve had a second very heinous crime in our community within the space of a couple of months.

"One man has lost his life and obviously thoughts and prayers should be with the family of the victim. People are very shocked that you could have a chase ending up with a murder on a public road. I think people are really afraid," he continued.

"If crime is let get out of hand, you could end up with innocent bystanders getting caught up in it.

"People are also very annoyed that the good name of Lucan has been dragged down by a second heinous crime in such a short time between them.

"I wish the gardai the very best in their investigation," he added.

Independent councillor and Deputy Mayor of South Dublin County Council Liona O'Toole said the latest incident points towards a "serious problem" in the locality.

"I’m shocked that something like this has happened yet again in Lucan," she said.

"It’s a school route and you would have a lot of children walking to school from that direction.

"The incident that happened only a couple of months ago, along with this latest violent crime proves that we have a serious problem in our locality.

"Lucan needs more surveillance and resources put in place than other areas around Dublin, because it’s perceived as a quieter area but this incident shows that it isn’t the case."

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