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Man sits beside stranger....who turns out to be his double on board Ryanair flight to Ireland

These strangers on a plane had the weirdest flight of their lives

What are the odds of sitting next to someone who looks exactly like you on a plane?

It's always an interesting moment when you find out who you will be beside on a plane journey - but the odds of finding your doppelganger are slim.

But that is what happened on board a Ryanair flight for Scottish man Neil Thomas Douglas who was randomly sat next to a man who looked exactly like him on a flight on Thursday night.

They even had the same hair cut and beard - even their teeth look scarily similar.

Neil, a photographer from Glasgow, was travelling to Galway via London Stansted last night when he came face to face with the bearded stranger.

He said: "When I got on the Ryanair flight, there was a dude already on my seat - when the guy looked up, I thought: 'He looks like me'.

"We had a big laugh about it - everyone around us had a laugh, we took a selfie and that was it."

But the pair were later to encounter a further co incidence when they checked into the same hotel in Galway.

Neil added: "Later that night, I went to the pub and again, there was my twin. Total weirdness.

"We had a laugh and a pint."

A friend posted a photo of the pair on twitter which was shared thousands of times online.

Social media has been ablaze with people shocked and stunned at the likeness of the strangers.

One said: "That is too weird"

Another commented: "Spooky"

It comes after three Irish college students challenged each other to find their twin strangers (from anywhere in the world) in just 28 days.

Dublin students Niamh Geaney, Terence Manzanga and Harry English used social media to spread their message worldwide.

Within a week, they had hundreds of submissions from all over the globe.

The trio were just a fortnight into the bet when Niamh found a girl who looks almost identical to her, Karen Branigan. Amazingly she was a fellow Ireland native, who lives just an hour away.

Irish student finds her 'Twin Stranger' on Facebook after global search

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