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Marchers urge gay marriage equality

Civil partnership has cemented inequality in Ireland, it has been claimed.

Singer Brian Kennedy was among the hundreds who will take to the streets of Dublin next Sunday to march for marriage equality for LGBT - lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender - people.

Max Krzyzanowski, of the action group LGBT Noise, said the denial of civil marriage equality in Ireland is a human rights issue.

"The Civil Partnership Act 2011 has only served to cement inequality in Irish society by explicitly excluding LGBT people from the institution of marriage," he said.

"By granting legislation that only offers a portion of the rights and responsibilities of marriage, LGBT couples are forced to participate in their own discrimination out of urgent necessity to have their legal and financial arrangements recognised.

"This is nothing short of state-endorsed discrimination in having a separate set of laws for one section of society."

Noise called on the Government to listen to the repeated calls highlighting the inequalities of civil partnership legislation and demonstrate its commitment to equality for all by lifting the ban on same-sex marriage.

Supporters will stage their third annual march from City Hall to the Department of Justice, where a mass rally will be held.

Kennedy, a gay rights supporter, said: "I believe in human rights and civil marriage is a human right that the LGBT community should no longer be denied.

"This injustice has gone on too long."


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