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Mary Robinson's son leading 'Occupy Dublin' protest

Fomer president Mary Robinson's son is one of the main organisers behind the Occupy Dame Street protest in Dublin, writes Edel O'Connell.

Thirty-year-old Aubrey Robinson is among a core group of people who have been camping outside the Central Bank in Dame Street in recent weeks.

The photographer, one of Mrs Robinson's three children, is camping out with the group most nights in inclement conditions in a protest to end corporate corruption and keep the IMF and ECB out of Irish affairs.

Meanwhile, in Waterford more than 50 people yesterday began their occupation of a section of the city's quay.

The group, which calls itself 'Occupy Waterford', pitched tents next to the Clock Tower on the quayside, opposite the AIB bank.

Spokesman for the group, James O'Sullivan, said it was "affiliated" to other occupations, such as Occupy Wall Street.

Mr O'Sullivan contacted gardai in Waterford yesterday and informed them that the peaceful protest would remain "for as long as it takes".

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