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Matchmaker predicts Easter Rising commemorations will fuel baby boom – ‘People will be fired up and ready to go’

An Irish matchmaker has said the 1916 commemorations will fuel an Irish baby boom as patriotic couples will be “fired up” for the celebrations and more likely to become romantically entwined.

World renowned matchmaker Willie Daly who operates from Lisdoonvarna in County Clare, revealed that the historic date will cause people to become more in touch with their emotions and more likely to indulge in romantic escapades.

“Things like the celebrations around the 1916 Rising bring up people’s emotions to a place where they think about being romantic,” Willie told The Irish Daily Star.

“The 1916 celebration will bring up a lot of feelings for people. Maybe not so much for teenagers, but certainly for older people. I also think a massive event like this makes a very good opportunity for people if they do like someone, to walk up to them and propose.”

“The people of 1916 were fearless and the atmosphere of that will feed into people and how they think and feel. People will be charged up, they will be wound up and ready to go.

“Who knows, we might even get a baby boom out of this in nine months’ time. I bet you in 50 years time there will be programmes done on the children born as a result of the 1916 Rising.”

The matchmaker, who attracts thousands to the annual Lisdoonvarna festival revealed that the upcoming Irish General Election will also have people hot and bothered.

“Elections are always exciting times, people are always fired up by them.

“That combined with the 1916 Rising gets people up a few gears and then, all of a sudden, they are at a level where romantic feelings can flow,” he said.

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