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Maureen O'Hara lets girls in on movie style secrets

She was once a Hollywood screen siren famous for her flowing red locks. Now at 90, Maureen O'Hara still knows the secret to looking good for the camera.

"BICO," she exclaimed to the four Grace Kelly look-a-likes who stood next to her.

Maureen lowered her voice before explaining to the high-heeled beauties that BICO was code for "belly in, chest out".

"They used to say that to us, so the rest of the set didn't hear," she added.

The star of 'The Quiet Man' wore an elegant triple strand pearl necklace as she unveiled 'The Princess Grace Collection of Jewellery' at the Newbridge Silverware Museum of Style Icons yesterday.

It's priced at 150 euros -- and is the most expensive piece in the collection that starts at 20 euros for a pair of earrings.

But O'Hara is not assuming people will have the cash to buy the pearl chain once it becomes available in January 2011.

"It's very fabulous," she declared, "but by the time you pay taxes, bills, mortgages, what is there left for fancy stuff?"

O'Hara was dressed immaculately for her appearance in Co Kildare. But she confessed that she no longer has a stylist -- as she did in the Hollywood days. So what is the key to looking good at 90?

"Be born to the right mother and father," she said.

O'Hara was born in Dublin but things have changed since she grew up in Ranelagh. It's busier these days and "they pronounce it different... we used to call it 'Renla'."

She went to school in Eccles Street, where she was taught by the nuns in the Dominican College.

Yesterday, Maureen was informed that she will travel to the Cork Film Festival tonight for a "world premiere" of a documentary about 'The Quiet Man'.

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