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McCabe widow hits out at McGuinness

The widow of a garda detective shot dead in an attempted robbery has accused Martin McGuinness of refusing to assist gardai in catching the killers of those who died serving the state.

Anne McCabe, the widow of Detective Garda Jerry McCabe, hit out at the Sinn Fein presidential candidate, maintaining his past cannot be ignored and brushed aside in the interests of peace.

Det Gda McCabe was shot dead on June 7, 1996 outside Adare post office, Co Limerick. Four Provisional IRA members were convicted of his killing.

Mrs McCabe said her family wants to move on and resume what passes for a normal life without a father, husband and brother. She called on all other candidates seeking the office of president to demand Mr McGuinness co-operate with gardai into its ongoing inquiries into the terrorist crimes that claimed the lives of servants of the Republic.

Mr McGuinness denied any knowledge of IRA suspects still wanted over the Kelly and McCabe killings, and rejected claims that he met one of the McCabe killers who was on the run and hiding out in an IRA safe house in Co Cavan.

"The killing of Garda McCabe was unjustifiable," he said. "I have condemned it unreservedly. A grave wrong was done to the McCabe family and the IRA have acknowledged that and apologised for it. I have never and would never stand over attacks on members of the defence forces or the gardai."

Mr McGuinness's spokesman maintained the allegations were a media invention.

Mrs McCabe said she has spoken out in support of the stance taken by other families seeking answers about IRA killings.

"Now we feel we must break that silence to raise our concerns about the course of the current presidential election campaign and specifically address matters that have arisen in the public domain regarding the knowledge and activities of Martin McGuinness in relation to those who perpetrated the murder of my husband and those individuals the Garda Siochana are still seeking to interview about that cowardly crime," she said.

Mrs McCabe said Mr McGuinness owes every voter and other candidates the truth. "Otherwise we will have one law for members of Sinn Fein IRA and another law for the rest of us," she claimed. "In such a scenario, should Mr McGuinness prevail, the constitutional integrity of the democratic institutions of the state will be grievously undermined."


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