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McDonald clarifies Gerry Adams' comment over Dublin hotel gun attack

By John Downing and Deirdre Reynolds

Sinn Fein deputy leader Mary Lou McDonald has claimed “confusion” led to Gerry Adams’ comments, that there were “no ganglands”, being misunderstood.

She was commenting after remarks by the party leader in reaction to the gangland murder of David Byrne in Dublin last Friday.

The Sinn Féin leader said he did not believe “ganglands” existed. He was also vague about how juries and witnesses would be protected if Dublin’s non-jury Special Criminal Court was abolished.

“Confusions arise. But I’m happy, and he is too, to set the record straight,” Ms McDonald told reporters.

However, Mr Adams was far from happy to clarify his remarks when quizzed on the campaign trail later. Asked to respond to Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s statement that ‘gangland’ does exist, Mr Adams ignored the question,  saying instead: “Well, I’ve already responded to him in terms of the awful brutality of what happened in the Regency Hotel, that the people involved in that were acting above and beyond the law. They need to be put behind bars.”

Ms McDonald said gardaí must get the resources needed to catch those responsible. “But we mustn’t fall into the trap of describing an area as ‘gangland’ or conceding for a second that any of our communities belong to them,” she said, adding that was the point Mr Adams was trying to make.

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