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Men dominate list of top earners at RTE


RTE is currently conducting a review of pay and gender equality

RTE is currently conducting a review of pay and gender equality

RTE is currently conducting a review of pay and gender equality

Seven of RTE's top 10 earners are men, according to figures published by the Irish broadcaster.

The figures for 2015 also show that the three highest paid stars are men.

RTE is currently conducting a review of pay and gender equality across the organisation.

Late Late Show and Radio One host Ryan Tubridy was the highest paid presenter in 2015, earning 495,000 euros. This was the same amount he was paid in 2014.

Ray D'Arcy was the second highest paid presenter for 2015, with fees of 400,000 euros.

Third on the list is Joe Duffy who earned 389,988 euros in 2015, down from 416,893 euros in 2014.

Miriam O'Callaghan was fourth on the list, earning 299,000 euros in 2015. This was up from 280,445 euros in 2014.

Fifth is Marian Finucane who was paid 295,000 euros in 2015, the same amount as in 2014.

RTE publishes the salaries of the station's top-10 earners every two years but the figures given are for amounts paid to broadcasters two years earlier.

The station has come under pressure to annually publish the salaries of all its top broadcasters who earn more than 100,000 euros a year.

It has also faced criticism over the apparent gender pay gap.

Staff on Thursday called on the broadcaster to publish within the next fortnight a gender breakdown of pay grades and remuneration data across the corporation.

They also demanded an independent external review to be carried out, examining gender and equality.

On Tuesday RTE said that the fees for 2015 present a 34% reduction compared to fees earned in 2008.

Director General Dee Forbes said the figures see the station maintain its commitment to reduce earnings while continuing to value the significant contribution of presenters.

Ms Forbes also said the issue of gender pay is "an important one".

She said: "It is crucial to understand, in terms of the top 10 figures released today, that many factors influence presenter fees - there are significant variations in programme commitments, broadcast hours and audience numbers."

RTE announced a review of pay and gender equality across the organisation after the BBC was forced to disclose the salaries of its top presenters as part of its new royal charter agreement with the UK government.

Of the 96 names published by the BBC in July, only 34 were women, sparking a row over gender pay inequality.

Also on RTE's top 10 highest paid list for 2015 is Radio One presenter Sean O'Rourke, who was paid 290,113 euros in 2015. He is number six on the list.

Claire Byrne is number seven, earning 201,500 euros in 2015.

Number eight is 2fm DJ Nicky Byrne who earned 200,583 euros.

Bryan Dobson is ninth on the list earning 195,913 euros in 2015.

His colleague Sharon Ni Bheolain is not on the list.

Number 10 is sports presenter Darragh Maloney. He was paid 188,803 euros in 2015.