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Men tackle masked gunman who fired shots at Dublin post office


The masked gunman managed to escape on foot leaving his weapon and bicycle at the scene

The masked gunman managed to escape on foot leaving his weapon and bicycle at the scene

The masked gunman managed to escape on foot leaving his weapon and bicycle at the scene

A gunman who opened fire in a raid on a Dublin post office was tackled to the ground by two men.

The masked gunman entered the post office at Woodbine Park, Blackrock, shortly after 2pm on Tuesday and threatened staff before firing a number of shots at the glass security screen on the counter.

Shortly afterwards, as the gunman emerged from the premises, a man working in the vicinity grappled with the armed raider.

In the struggle, the gunman lashed out and hit the courageous man on the head with the weapon.

Blood flowed from the victim's head as he continued to struggle with the gunman. A second man then jumped in to tackle the gunman.

During the struggle, the handgun fell to the ground and was kicked away.

The two men and the gunman ended up on the ground as the two have-a-go heroes tried to pin the robber to the footpath. But the raider managed to break free and run off, leaving his gun and a bicycle at the scene.

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A woman who works in a grocery shop next door told called the gardai as the raid was in progress.

"Four or five men came running into the shop and told us to call the guards because there was a guy with a gun in the post office," said the woman (24).

"I heard bangs but I didn't know it was shots. The man was still in the post office when I rang the guards.

"A man outside the post office managed to knock the gunman to the ground when he came out. He got hit on the head by the gunman and there was a big gash in his forehead.

"I think he must have knocked the gun out of his hand and another man stood on it.

"The gunman was wearing a balaclava mask. Another man also helped to tackle him."

"The man with the gash on his head was taken to hospital. Those two men who tackled the gunman are definitely heroes.

"They put their own life at risk to protect other people," she added.

Another woman working in a shop nearby said the gun used by the armed raider was "a big one".

Mary Creed said: "When I came out of the shop I saw the handgun lying on the ground and there was a man standing over it who appeared to be waiting for the guards to arrive. It was a very big handgun," she said.

She said the two men who tackled the robber were "brilliant" and "very brave".


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