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Mercedes probe after former TD Dick Roche's car ignites

By Mark O'Regan

Mercedes Ireland has launched a full-scale investigation into how a former Irish government minister's luxury car - which is a little over a year old - inexplicably burst into flames on Boxing Day.

Dick Roche was driving in Wexford visiting relatives with wife Eleanor when his top-of-the-range motor lost power and began to trudge along the road.

The couple were lucky to escape with their lives just before the vehicle burst into flames.

Mr Roche said he is mystified how something of this nature could happen to a car from such a reputable brand.

"I just don't know what caused it. The people I've been dealing with at the garage are mystified.

"It was a serious fire and very shocking at the time but thankfully nobody was killed. The car is a complete write-off."

Mr Roche says he and his wife were lucky to escape unharmed.

A Mercedes Ireland spokesman says Mr Roche has been provided with a courtesy car while an investigation is carried out. He added: "It's a very rare thing but it's too early to say at this stage what happened."

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