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Micheal Martin condemns ‘cynical and cruel’ leaking of Scally Report

The Fianna Fail leader said people are fed up with spin and game-playing and demanded to know who was behind the leak.

Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin has slammed the Government over the leaking of the Scally Report on the cervical cancer scandal.

He said: “More cynical and cruel behaviour in terms of the leaking of this report. How did it happen? It’s wrong that it happened.

“It’s more of this spin, spin, spin.

“We’re fed up with this play-acting, everything has to be leaked, everything is spin.

“It’s either a combination of immaturity or cynicism that they behave in this manner, people are fed up of this game-playing, trying to set the agenda all the time.

“Leaking this, spinning it in this way… Maybe the Government don’t want a commission? I don’t know, but I think the minster needs to be honest – who leaked it? Who got a copy? Who read this report?

What we really have here is a scandal that has been mishandled from the get-go by the Government. Micheal Martin

“It’s particularly cruel to the victims of this scandal who should have been the first to see the report.”

Speaking at his party’s Think-In in Malahide on Tuesday, Mr Martin said he would not comment on whether Fianna Fail would like to see a commission of investigation until they have had time to read the full report.

“I haven’t seen the report, its entirely wrong that a report of this kind had a significant part leaked, and we’re all supposed to comment on that.

“I’d like to read what Mr Scally has to say before we comment.

“What we really have here is a scandal that has been mishandled from the get-go by the Government.

“They said anything that would get them out of embarrassment or trouble, to such an extent that the entire cervical cancer screening programme could be in jeopardy.

“From the minute the minister was briefed by officials I think he got this wrong in terms of managing and dealing with it in a comprehensive way and he needs to explain fully how this got into the public realm.”

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