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Minister welcomes benefits figures

Almost 350,000 people are signing on the dole, latest figures show.

The drop in numbers claiming benefits, down more than 40,000 since the same time last year, means around one in 10 people in Ireland are unemployed.

Men are signing off jobseekers benefits at a rate of almost three times women, the Central Statistics Office report showed.

Of the total 348, 676 men and women on the live register during March, more than 160,000 were on the dole for more than a year.

Almost 14% of those signing on are under the age of 25, the youth figure coming down slightly over the past two years.

When the previous jobs of claimants are analysed, it shows tradesmen and women are the most most likely to be signing on.

A fifth of the live register is made up of people with a trade or craft skill.

The next largest group is plant and machine operatives.

Managers and professionals are the least likely to be on the dole, the figures showed.

Jobs minister Richard Bruton claimed a drop in the unemployment rate to 10%, its lowest since the economic crisis, was a welcome step on a road to full employment.

"However there are still far too many people unemployed, far too many families who have still not felt the benefit of the fragile recovery which is under way," he added.

"Our goal is sustainable full employment - a job for everyone in the country not just in 2018, but for years and decades to come.

"Twice in my lifetime I have seen full employment achieved, only to be squandered through poorly planned, boom-bust policies."


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