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Model breastfeeding a puppy calendar has dog lovers feeling hot under collar


It may be puppy love but it's anything but innocent.

A new calendar which has been produced to raise funds for an animal welfare charity is causing controversy thanks to its risque calendar girls -- and dogs.

The Puppy Love calendar was the idea of model Melissa Hayward who got her dog from Ash Animal Rescue in Wicklow three years ago.

She said that because they have a "no kill" policy, they are struggling to raise enough funds to feed and house all the animals they have at the shelter.

So she convinced her friends to donate their time and expertise for free for the 1940s style photographs. All the models, make up artists and photographers waived their fees to make the glossy product.

But she admitted that she didn't expect so much controversy -- especially surrounding one picture which shows a model breastfeeding a puppy.

"The reaction from everyone has been great, even the people who said they can't stock it," she said. "But some have said they can't stock it because it's too sexy. I expected some reaction but not this."

The March model -- Agata Dembiecka -- is pictured cradling a puppy and appears to be breastfeeding it. "She's a member of PETA and she was completely comfortable with the shoot," said Melissa.

They are hoping to sell 1,000 copies of the calendar for 10 euros each, with all funds going to Ash.

But Melissa said a delay with the printing -- as well as the bad weather -- has hampered sales of the calendar.

"We're hoping that when people see it and realise what a high standard it is they'll buy it," she added. The calendar can also be purchased from www.puppylove.ie.

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