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Mother forced to leave her husband and son behind in Libya

Dubliner Kay Featherston was forced to leave her husband and son behind as she fled Libya with her five daughters.

They arrived back in Dublin on an Air Corps jet last night after fleeing her adopted home of Benghazi on Sunday.

She and her daughters, ranging in age from nine to 23, including one suffering from a heart condition, arrived at the Casement Aerodrome in Baldonnel at 10.30pm last night.

They, along with David Breen, director of operations for Tripoli based Mercury Engineering, were among the last of more than 115 Irish citizens or passport holders, fleeing the strife-torn north African country since more than 1,000 people have been killed by forces loyal to Col Gaddafi over the past fortnight.

The evacuees looked dazed and exhausted following their 20-hour boat journey aboard the British naval ship, the HMS Cumberland, from Benghazi to Valletta in Malta.

From their they boarded an Air Corps Gulfstream jet for the four-hour journey to Dublin. The evacuees were too traumatised to speak of their ordeal.

However, it is known that Mrs Featherston (inset), originally from Coolmine in Dublin, but who has been living in Libya for 23 years, was forced to leave behind her son, Mohammed, one of her 14-year-old triplets as well as her flight engineer husband, Faisal Shar Shar.

According to the Republic's Department of Foreign Affairs counsellor, Brendan Ward,they are among numerous Irish-Libyan families who have been forced to separate because of the ongoing strife.

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