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Motorists advised to take care as weather warnings issued

Transport chiefs have urged extreme care on the roads after weather warnings were issued.

Met Eireann issued its lowest status yellow alert for high winds from the south and south-west ranging from 55-65km/h and gusting to 90-100km/h.

Exposed parts of the north west coast are expected to be worst affected, but the Road Safety Authority also urged motorists in counties along the Atlantic seaboard to be cautious.

Some 126 people have been killed on the roads this year, 19 more than in the same period last year.

Officials statistics showed 19 pedestrians, 12 motorcyclists and nine cyclists are among those killed in road accidents.

A spokesman for the RSA said drivers should be aware of the risk of objects being blown on to the road and for fallen trees, branches and other debris lying in their path.

Advice also included being aware of the dangers from other road users swerving to avoid objects.

The RSA said cross winds may create additional problems, particularly for his sided vehicles - with counties Donegal, Sligo, Leitrim, Mayo, Galway, Clare and Kerry hardest hit by the high winds and rain.

And with an increased number of pedestrians and cyclists on the streets in Dublin because of the bus strike, the authority also urged drivers to give them extra room.

Road users on foot or bike were also advised to wear bright clothing and take extra care when crossing or to walk on the right if there are no footpaths.


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