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Mrs Brown's Boys actor's angry response over 'vile' claims he did charity cycle for his own benefit

Rory Cowan got involved in a war of words with a mother-of-two on Facebook which continued onto Liveline today

A mother of two children with autism had a heated exchange with the Mrs Brown's Boys actor Rory Cowan over claims he took part in a charity fundraiser for his own benefit.

Mr Cowan cycled 10km in aid of Irish Autism Action at the weekend and posted the feat on Facebook, to which Teresa Buckley from Wexford responded by questioning where the money was going towards.

Ms Buckley insisted her comments were taken out of context by the actor.

“I just have to say, I didn’t take anything out of context. I have the Facebook posts in front of me. She said I did the cycle for my own benefit and picked a cause out of the blue and this was the extent of me raising awareness for autism," Cowan told RTE's Liveline on Friday.

“She said I should educate myself about autism as I haven’t a clue because I don’t have a personal knowledge about an illness I’m raising money for. They’re vile comments to make."

The Wexford woman said she was just trying to highlight the recent controversies surrounding charities and wanted to know where the money is being sent.

She said it’s important people have a background knowledge of the charity and the condition they are donating towards.

"We [Mrs Brown’s Boys] have done shows in the 3Arena where the money was donated to IAA, Childline and SVP. We’ve done that the last three times we were in the 3Arena. I’ve been supporting autism charities for a long, long time and she’s telling me I’ve no knowledge about it.”



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