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'Mum, I'm running'... terrified Irish teen's call during Florida attack

By Kathy Armstrong

The mother of an Irish teenager caught up in the Florida school massacre has told how she begged her daughter to "just keep running".

Olga Hurley said it was a "blessing" her daughter Adelina (16) survived the shooting at Marjory St oneman Douglas High School near Miami.

Seventeen people died in the gun rampage on Wednesday.

Ms Hurley, originally from Russia, lived in Ireland for 18 years before she moved with her husband and their two children from Clontarf, Dublin, to the US six months ago. Speaking to RTE, she said it was only when she went to collect Adelina from school at around 2.30pm on Wednesday that she saw over 100 police cars approaching from all directions and knew something was seriously wrong.

Adelina recalled: "It was about 10 minutes before we were going to be dismissed to go home, the fire drill went off and everyone assumed it was just a normal fire drill."

"Then the teachers started to look worried, there were helicopters flying overhead and we saw stuff on the internet about a shooting," the teen added. "The teacher told our group to run along a secret route to the mall."

Ms Hurley was desperately trying to call and text her daughter to see if she was safe.

"Eventually she saw my texts and calls, and she called and said: 'Mum I'm running'," she said. "I asked her where she was going to but she didn't know, she said she was just running. Once I heard her voice, I knew she would be okay because she was with a lot of people.

"At the same time I heard on the news that the shooter hadn't been caught. There was panic, I didn't know what to think. I just kept telling her: 'Keep running, keeping running and don't be alone'."

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