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Murder suspect 'took kitchen knife'

A man suspected of murdering his ex-lover, her two children and friend allegedly took a kitchen knife from his rented home before the attack, it has emerged.

Detectives are investigating reports that a man was seen leaving a house in Newcastle West, Co Limerick with a makeshift weapon a day before the horrific quadruple killing was uncovered.

A witness claimed the man went in to a house he shared with others on Monday evening nursing a badly cut hand and took a knife from a drawer before he fled.

Three-year-old Reece Hines, his five-month-old sister Amy - believed to be the man's daughter - their mother Sarah, 25, and her 20-year-old friend Alicia Brough were all found dead on the other side of town, in the quiet Hazelgrove estate, Gortboy, yesterday lunchtime.

Within hours a 31-year-old unemployed man, the only suspect, had been arrested.

One investigator revealed the unemployed man, who had been living in the village of Dromcollogher, near the Cork-Limerick border for several years, only moved in to a shared house in the Meadowcourt estate in Newcastle West in recent weeks.

He then started visiting Ms Hines' house.

"The mind does dangerous things," the investigator added.

Ms Hines' stepfather Peter Rolph, from Tournafulla, Co Limerick, said her mother Abina and seven brothers and step-brothers were completely devastated at their loss.

"Nothing will ever be the same," he said.


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