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Murdered warder’s son hits out at republican over tweet

Disgust: Austin Stack
Disgust: Austin Stack

By Shona Murray

As the storm over New York Mayor Bill de Blasio's decision to name March 17 'Gerry Adams Day' raged, another Sinn Fein politician has become embroiled in a row over the party's attitude to terror victims.

Austin Stack - the son of prison officer Brian Stack, who was murdered by the IRA in the Republic in 1983 - last night called on Sinn Fein to expel Senator Maire Devine after she retweeted a message describing Mr Stack's murdered father as a "sadist".

"@sinnfeinireland must immediately expel @mairedev for this disgusting tweet," Mr Stack wrote.

"No apologies will be accepted by myself or my family for this gross defaming of a man they murdered."

Victims' campaigner Ann Travers, whose sister was murdered by the Provos, also called on the Senator to step down.

"An Irish Senator retweeting a hate-filled tweet about a murdered Irish citizen deserves nothing less than expulsion from the Senate," Ms Travers tweeted.

Sinn Fein did not respond to a request for comment.

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that Taoiseach Leo Varadkar was only informed of the plan to name St Patrick's Day in New York 'Gerry Adams Day' just before the breakfast event at which it was announced began. A decision was made for Mr Varadkar to attend anyway as sources said he couldn't have "boycotted the breakfast just because of that".

Irish diplomatic sources have questioned the appropriateness of bestowing such an honour upon a political opponent of the Taoiseach during Mr Varadkar's visit.

Mr Stack said he was "absolutely disgusted" at Mr de Blasio.

"What do you think it was like for my mother sitting there and seeing that on the television?" Mr Stack asked.

He has now written to Mr de Blasio and requested a meeting.

"Politicians in the US need to hear the other side of the story where Gerry Adams was responsible for the death of thousands of people," he added.

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