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Musician Duke Special drove car at 187kmh, court told

By Elaine Keogh

A musician who drove at up to 187kmh on a motorway as he made his way home after a concert, has been convicted of careless driving.

Peter Wilson (42), AKA Duke Special, had been charged with dangerous driving on the M1 at Gibstown, Co Louth, on August 22 last year but Judge Flann Brennan was told yesterday that gardai would accept a guilty plea to the lesser offence of careless driving.

Wilson, of Lomond Avenue, Belfast, was driving on the northbound carriageway when gardai saw him "driving at a constant speed of 170kmh and at 187kmh at one stage," Inspector Brendan Cadden told Dundalk District Court.

Mr Wilson's solicitor said Mr Wilson held his hands up and was extremely embarrassed to be before the court.

She described the incident as "a once-off" and said her client had €200 in court to make a donation to charity if the court was prepared to leave him without a conviction.

The judge said the excessive speed involved was "at a level I'd normally consider a disqualification". He said he would not do that but was convicting Mr Wilson and fining him ?350.

The judge said that if Mr Wilson was found driving like that again, he would be disqualified.

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