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Naked Bike Ride: A record attempt with some cheek

An appeal has gone out for hundreds of people to get their kit off for a world record body painting attempt.

The annual Naked Bike Ride, one of a series of similar events held worldwide to highlight cycle safety on the road, will go through Cork city next month.

But before that campaigners will make a naked attempt to break a Guinness World Record.

Cork Body Painting is seeking hundreds of volunteers to strip and have some colour put in their cheeks (and everywhere else) by being painted before the cycle ride on Saturday, July 28.

The record for most people bodypainted currently stands at 264 people and was set by the American Body Arts Festival at Brushwood Folklore Centre in Sherman, New York, on July 21, 2007.

An organiser told the Cork Evening Echo: "You don't feel as naked in the cycle when you are covered in bodypaint. We are looking for all shapes and sizes to take part on the day."

Any hardy volunteers can turn up at Camden Palace Hotel in Cork by 9.30am.

To take part in the event, send an email to corkbodypaintingguinnessrecord@gmail.com.

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