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New rules for street performers

Dublin's famous buskers and street performers will be hit with a string of new rules.

Volume, amp free zones, behaviour, crowd control, and sale of merchandise are among the topics covered in the new voluntary code of practice.

It will be be piloted for three months after its launch by Dublin City Council on Tuesday.

Ray Yeates, arts officer, said busking and street performance hold a special place in the hearts of Dubliners and are part of the fabric of the city.

"This voluntary code honours the unique contribution that buskers make to city life while asking them to respect their fellow citizens and adjoining businesses," he said.

"The code is for everyone to adopt and discuss and in three months' time it will be reviewed by Council as to its workability and enforcement."

Dublin's buskers are a favourite of tourists and and are renowned throughout the world. The code has been proposed by street performers and developed with local traders and council staff.

Martin Harte, from Temple Bar Traders, said it was a positive first step and would make the city an even better, more pleasant place for street performers, the public and the businesses.

Brian O'Connell, who performs his circus-based act under the name Tremendous Trevor, added: "Street performance is a time-honoured art form that adds to the attractiveness and colour of Dublin city.

"Street performers bring life and animation to Dublin's streets and give visitors a positive feel as they shop or go about their daily business."


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