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Niamh's €300,000 lottery win means no more sticky tape holding number plate on car

A thrilled Irish woman said she had to sticky tape her reg plate to her car before she scooped near €300,000 on the EuroMillions.

Galway woman Niamh O'Meara admitted she was down to her last €24 before she netted the windfall and thinks the money is a gift from her late mother.

She won an incredible €297,860 through the Match 5+ Lucky Star prize on April 4 after buying her Quick pick ticket at Super Valu in Portumna, Co Galway.

Speaking at the National Lottery's Dublin headquarters today, she said: "This came at the perfect time for me. I was down to the last €24 in my bank account.

"Last week the registration plate fell off the back of the car. I had to resort to the sellotape to keep it hanging on.

"Not any more though, my first purchase was a brand new car once I realised I had hit the jackpot."

Niamh was speaking as she picked up her winnings at the National Lottery's Dublin headquarters with her two sisters today and said she already has plenty of plans for the cash.

She said: "I’ve played the Lottery every week since I turned 18. I play the Euromillions every Tuesday and Friday, and pick up the odd scratchcard every now and again.

“I always felt I would win the lottery, and that one day I would be here in the National Lottery picking up a cheque.

"Our mam passed away a few years ago and in some ways I think this was a gift she has sent me. I’m off on holidays on Monday to celebrate and after that a new house and some celebrations with the family are in order."

Niamh continued to say: "I honestly just can’t believe it, it really is a dream come through, my whole family are only delighted for me."

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