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Noonan treated for cancerous lump

Ireland's Finance Minister Michael Noonan has confirmed he has received treatment for a cancerous lump on one of his arms.

The 71-year-old minister said he underwent surgery last week to remove a sarcoma after undergoing five weeks radiotherapy in a Dublin hospital in order to shrink the tumour.

In a statement Mr Noonan outlined when he was treated, the extent of the treatment and that medics were upbeat about his prognosis.

"In February 2014 I noticed a lump on my right arm in the shoulder area. On medical examination this was identified as a sarcoma which needed to be removed. During late March and April I received five weeks radiotherapy at St Luke's Hospital to shrink the sarcoma," Mr Noonan said.

"Last Wednesday, May 28, the sarcoma was removed at Cappagh Hospital. I was discharged on Saturday May 31. My medical team believe the treatment has gone very well and are upbeat about the prognosis. There is no damage to my shoulder muscle and my risk of recurrence is low.

"I wish to thank all of the staff at St Luke's Hospital and Cappagh Hospital, and in particular my medical team.

"I will continue to serve as Minister for Finance at the Taoiseach's discretion."

Mr Noonan, from Limerick, said he was releasing information on his health following queries to his office and to ensure accuracy and clarity.

The minister's predecessor the late Brian Lenihan suffered pancreatic cancer and underwent intensive chemotherapy while overseeing Ireland's fiscal policies during the worst days of the financial crisis and recession.

Mr Lenihan stayed on as finance minister while he was being treated and subsequently died in June 2011 after losing his parliamentary seat in the election earlier that year.


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